10 Home Office Designs That Are Sure To Wow

Home offices are intended to be places where you can get your work done and just relax, but all too often they end up being filled with bulky furniture and stress-inducing clutter with no cohesive design whatsoever. If you’re looking to create a relaxing and productive home office space, check out these 10 home office designs curated by  Nook+Cove’s design pros.  These designs were curated with aesthetic and atmosphere in mind to help you focus better on your work and create a stress-free environment at home.

1. Day-Dreamers Destination

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Soft blushes paired with greys and touches of gold create a feminine and impressive look.


2. Upward Bound

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A contemporary space with pops of color amidst the white furniture.


3. The Glam Game

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A glamorous white and black office that will surely impress.


4. The Eclectic Showdown

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Eclectic pieces breathe life into this warm space.


5. Serene Mountainscape

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Earthy wood finishes and calming artwork come together in this design.


6. Bright Beginnings

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Bright golds and bold patterns in this design will keep your energy levels high.


7. A Dreamy Escape

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A white canvas with abstract elements to kick-start your dreams.


8. Nature’s Crest

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Green tones and reflective materials create a peaceful environment.


9. Writer’s Haven

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These traditional curves and colors can capture anyone’s imagination.


10. Sophisticated Subtleties 

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Elegance and sophistication come together in this stunning home office design.


A well-designed home office is much more than a workstation; it’s also about creating an atmosphere that helps you to relax and feel rejuvenated.  Regardless of your design style, a cohesive and well thought out home office can do wonders for your productivity levels throughout the day!

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