5 Things Every Teenager Should Have In Their Bedroom

The teenage years are filled with big changes, from new responsibilities to developing interests and preferences that can seem completely alien to the adults who love them. However, there are some things that all teenagers will want in their bedroom, whether it’s the first space they’ve ever had of their own or if they’re looking to upgrade from the design their parents chose when they were younger. Here are five things every teenager should have in their bedroom.

1. Comfortable Bedding
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Many studies suggest that teenagers need more sleep than adults – seven or eight hours is recommended by most sources; because their bodies are still growing, teenagers require more rest to maintain their energy levels throughout the day. Comfort is key to getting a good night’s sleep—and if you want to feel refreshed in order to tackle your day, then comfortable bedding should be high on your list of priorities. Investing in quality linens and the right mattress can ensure restful nights and productive days.

2. A Bulletin Board
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A bulletin board is a great way to make a teenager’s bedroom more personal. It could include memorabilia from friends and important events, as well as reminders and goals they want to keep in mind while they sleep. The key here is to provide a space where they can can post things that make them happy and get organized without cluttering up their room.

3. Seating Area
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The first thing every teenager should have in their bedroom is a place to sit and unwind, read, and relax. It might be a chair or sofa, it might be an ottoman or a bean bag—but make sure there’s somewhere for your teen to take five. This can easily be turned into a desk space or study area for when schoolwork needs doing, too.
4. Storage Solutions
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The bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep; it’s a haven, and there should be storage space for all of your items. Most teenagers have plenty of clothes, books and personal items; having a specific space for everything is key to a tidy space. Bins for under bed storage or decorative chests are great for storing anything. Having plenty of storage options readily available will help with keeping clutter to a minimum.
5. Various Sources of Lighting
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When decorating a teenager’s bedroom, consider adding different types of lighting. Many times the importance of having multiple sources of lighting is overlooked. Having lamps for nighttime reading or late night homework is essential. Rope lighting hidden behind the bed or fairy lights are great for creating a moody ambience. Consider having a remote control for the lighting so that they don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the light.

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