A Simple Guide to Wedding Guest Attire

Going to weddings can be fun, but if you’re not careful, you can end up committing some major fashion faux pas. It’s important to dress appropriately, but this goes beyond the dress code of black tie optional that some wedding invitation cards include. Whether it’s the attire you wear to the rehearsal dinner or the reception itself, there are certain mistakes you should avoid at all costs when attending any wedding—don’t learn them the hard way!

Don’t Be Too Much of an Attention Seeker
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Most weddings are more formal than other events, so when it comes to your wedding-guest attire, you’ll want to go for something that doesn’t stand out too much. You don’t want people saying, Who invited THAT person?! Think about what you might see at most weddings and keep in mind: If you feel like you would be an outlier in that scenario, then it’s probably best not to wear that particular outfit. You want to make sure you aren’t taking away from anyone else’s big day by being too flashy or too revealing or too anything!

Dressing for the Season
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Be conscious of what season it is when planning your wedding-guest attire. A little black dress or cocktail dress will work at any time of year, but you’ll want your outerwear to match up with temperatures. If it’s summertime and your wedding is outside, make sure you choose an outfit that isn’t too stuffy and lets you breathe. If the weather is on the cooler side you might want to consider having a shawl or cardigan with you to keep you warm.

Avoid Anything Too Casual
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If you’re attending a formal wedding, you’ll likely be required to wear attire suitable for such an event. So be sure your outfit doesn’t seem too casual; avoid anything too trendy or informal. Save those outfits for another time and place . Even if the wedding doesn’t have a strict dress code you still want to be respectful and steer away from anything like jeans or flip flops unless of course the event attire calls for exactly that.

Ask Questions Before You Arrive
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Guests show up at weddings all dressed up, ready for some celebrating. They don’t realize they’re in for hours of posing and mingling as photographers snap away. If you’re attending an upcoming wedding, make sure you are informed ahead of time about the dress code so you don’t arrive looking under-dressed or disrespectful but you also want to make sure that you are comfortable and untroubled with your attire so that you can enjoy the wedding!

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