5 Ways to Make Your Small Room Appear Larger

There are many advantages to being in a small space, for one its easier to decorate and the coziness factor is certainly a plus. However, if your small space is making you feel claustrophobic or you need some tips to avoid overcrowding your space, we can certainly help. There’s no need to break down any walls to make your space appear larger. You can learn how to make your small room appear more spacious by taking advantage of storage options and smart décor choices. Here are five ways to make your small room appear larger.

1. Use Color
Black accent wall in bedroom
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If you’re short on space, color is your best friend. Deep rich colors can make a small room appear much larger than it really is. Darker colors tend to recede and appear to be further than they really are. Painting an accent wall in a dark shade can visually create the illusion of more depth in your space. Because the space is smaller, consider painting the remaining walls a light color or white. Don’t be afraid to use color in your furniture and accessories either. Having three to four colors in a space creates visual interest and a layered look that again will help create depth in your space.

2. Don’t Overcrowd the Space
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When buying bedroom furniture for smaller rooms , opt for pieces that aren’t bulky and offer multiple storage options; floating bed frames and/or bedside tables are great options. Also think about multi-functional items like sofa beds or futons when searching for furniture. You want to make sure that you choose furniture that has a small footprint so that it doesn’t take up much floor space. Over accessorizing a space can also make it appear smaller and certainly more messier. Start by decluttering and keeping only a few accessories that make a statement. Uncluttered rooms draw your eyes towards the ceilings and windows making the space appear more spacious whereas clutter brings more attention to the lack of storage in the space.

3. Maximize Light
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When decorating a small room, take advantage of natural light. If your home faces south or west, consider opening your curtains early in the morning and closing them late at night. North-facing rooms might benefit from added lighting in addition to sunlight. Accentuate white space: In small rooms, it’s often best to move away from patterned walls and busy patterns that add unnecessary visual weight. Mirrors are great accessories for small spaces. They allow light to bounce around the space creating the illusion of multiple sources of light.

4. Add Some Height
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Adding height in a small room is a great way to make it appear larger. By creating vertical lines, you create an optical illusion that you have higher ceilings making the space look larger. One easy way to do this is to take your drapes all the way from floor to ceiling. Hanging large vertical artwork on the walls is a great way to create the illusion of more height in your space while also adding color and texture to your walls.

5. Rethink Vertical Storage
Vertical storage space
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If you’re living in a small studio apartment, it can be difficult to utilize every inch of your space. Installing vertical storage solutions, such as shoe racks and hangars, can save space and give your room a clean, open appearance and serve as a functional area for storing belongings out of sight.

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