How to Decorate a Room That Will Stand the Test of Time

When you’re designing a room, it’s easy to be swept away by trends or the latest and greatest colors. However, that may leave you with décor that doesn’t work as well in a few years. To ensure your design will stand the test of time, keep these timeless design principles in mind as you plan your space.

Neutral Colors
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Choosing colors for home décor can be tricky. If you want your house décor to stand the test of time, consider using neutral colors like gray and white or warm neutrals like browns and tans. These shades won’t clash with other color schemes you choose down the road. Neutral colors also fit most styles of décor, which is another plus when it comes to ensuring that your chosen style doesn’t feel dated as well. Just keep in mind that while neutral colors are timeless, your style aesthetic might be more colorful. You can always bring some vibrancy into your space by including touches of color in an accent wall or accessories throughout each room.

Avoid Trends
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Don’t be seduced by trends, as they’re almost always short-lived. Your home should be an expression of your tastes and personality. Focus on furnishing it with classic, well-crafted pieces that you can use for years without feeling dated. Take into account both functionality and aesthetics when making decisions—sometimes those factors overlap, but sometimes they don’t! It all depends on what works best for you (and your family). Remember: Trends come and go; classics last forever.

Quality Pieces of Furniture
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Getting quality pieces of furniture will ensure that your home is decorated in timeless design for years to come. An investment like this isn’t cheap, but it is well worth it. And, since you won’t be replacing these items as often as other décor, it might just make sense to consider spending even more and getting better-quality pieces that will stand up over time.

Balance is Key
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Achieving balance in your décor can be tricky, but when done correctly, it is effortless. Whether your style is modern, country or somewhere in between, these rules will help you create a room that’s welcoming and timeless. Start with a focal point and ensure that your space doesn’t have competing focal points. Also keep your décor simple, with no more than three layers: background (wall color), mid-ground (furniture), and foreground (accessories). Having a few layers of textures is also key to creating a timeless and luxurious space. Making sure that no element in your design is overdone such as too much wood, too many accessories, or excessive repetition of the same color will help you achieve a timeless space that you will love for years to come!

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