Decorating a Fireplace Mantel That Wows

Fireplace mantels are the ideal place to show off your most prized possessions, but they’re also an opportunity to tell visitors something about yourself and your personality. Keep these fireplace mantel decorating tips in mind when it comes time to decorate yours, and you’ll be able to create a space that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

The Right Colors Are Key
Image Source: Elle Décor

The focal point of a fireplace mantel is, of course, its centerpiece: The hearth. Whether you’re using a gas fireplace or an actual fire burning in your hearth, it’s important to select a complementary palette that matches both your aesthetic and home interior design. Selecting colors with darker tones will create a warmer mood for your room, whereas selecting lighter colors will make a room seem more open.  No matter what shades you choose, remember that wood tones and natural hues are generally considered timeless.

Create a Focal Point With an Ornamental Accessory
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Whether it’s a vase of flowers, a family portrait or an architectural element like a mirror or sculpture, adding a large focal point will draw your gaze upward, creating an elegant flow. Consider showcasing antique silver candlesticks on one end of the mantel and  large framed artwork on the other end. The asymmetrical display will create interest while it anchors an important part of your home. For a more traditional mantel you might consider a more symmetrical approach such as a large floral display in the center flanked by frames or candles of similar height on either side.

Spice Up Your Mantle With Collectibles
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The mantel is a great place for collectibles, but over-decorating can cause a cluttered effect. Select items that tell a story and really make your mantel pop. Make sure you pair your collectables with a larger focal point to create depth and height variances.  Also consider the size of your mantel when adding collectibles. Smaller collectibles can get lost on a large mantel and look underwhelming. Layering different collections that vary in size can create a great impact and be great conversation starters as well.

No matter how you decide to decorate, don’t be afraid to showcase your style and have fun!


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