Coffee Table Styling Basics

Coffee tables can be found in nearly every living or family room and often serve as the central point of the space. For such a small piece of furniture, it certainly holds its sway in any room. It’s worth investing both the time and the money when it comes to decorating your coffee table. Read on for tips on how to do just that. 

Books And Magazines

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Books, magazines, and works of literature can add a new dimension to the coffee table while also acting as a source of entertainment. Go for some of your favorite collector edition classics or some funky throwback magazines. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to books and magazines so play around with color, size, and placement. Try stacking the books in a unique order or fanning them out against the surface of the table. Remember to keep the theme of the rest of your room in mind when choosing the colors as well as keeping in mind the size of your coffee table. A huge book chucked on top of a petite table will draw more raised eyebrows than looks of admiration.

Floral Arrangements

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Flowers are wonderful for anywhere in the house but are especially excellent for the coffee table. The unique shapes of floral arrangements provide a natural element to the room as well as add a pop of color and texture to the coffee table. Experiment with different flowers and vases, seeing what suits your taste best. If a lack of a green thumb is the issue, faux flowers will get the job done just as well. Avoid tall vases that block the view of the chair or TV across the table. A finely decorated coffee table shouldn’t take away from the usability of the room. 


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Candles can add a new dimension, of both smell and sight, to your coffee table. There is likely a candle that will go perfectly with your table as they come in many colors, sizes, and smells. You can group candles together or even place them against a vase for a contrast of texture. You could also choose a smell that accents the palette of your room. A crisp, cinnamon apple scent for a warm-toned living room is sure to draw family and guests to the cozy space.


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Trays are excellent for when you want to keep your table from looking too cluttered. You can group objects such as candles and stones inside a tray to keep contrast and design without the mess. Functionality-wise, you could throw your TV remotes and other knick-knacks in the tray for a clean surface. As with books, flowers, and candles, trays come in many shapes and sizes, so have fun seeing what works best with your space.

Lastly, feel free to pair the items together for a more full, put-together look. 

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