7 Stunning Ways to Use Pampas Grass In Your Wedding

Pampas grasses have been a popular trend over the past few years.  The fullness of the tall tufted grasses allows for dramatic, large-scale displays and installations.  Although primarily used in boho themed weddings, the tall grasses can also be incorporated in beach, rustic, and modern wedding themes.  Here are 7 great ways to included pampas grasses into your wedding.

1. Ceremony Backdrop
Image Source: Ruffled Blog

Combining pampas grasses with other grasses or florals is a great way to create a lush and stunning backdrop for your ceremony.  Pampas grasses by themselves make an elegant and sophisticated statement as well.

2. Aisle Decoration
Image Source: Curious Country Creations

Pampas grass arrangements make for stunning displays when used as aisle decorations.  Whether you place them in large holders or attach them to aisle seating, they are sure to wow your guests.

3. Bridal Bouquets
Image Source: Elegant Wedding Blog

When added to bridal bouquets, the tall grasses add a lot of texture and richness to the bouquet.  Combine them with fresh blooms and greenery for a full and dramatic arrangement.

4. Seating Displays
Image Source: Vineyard Bride

You can easily tie in pampas décor to your seating displays by placing an arrangement near it or by attaching it to any geometric framed displays.

5. Table Centerpiece
Image Source: Primrose

If you love large and dramatic centerpieces, then pampas grasses will certainly help you achieve that look.  When placed in tall vases and combined with other florals, the height and breadth of the arrangement will make a lasting impression.  Dyed pampas grasses make for stunning table runners as well.

6. Wedding Cake
Image Source: Tida Svy

Take your wedding cake display to the next level by adding a simple pampas arrangement to it.

7. Suspended Arrangements
Image Source: Style Me Pretty

Suspending pampas arrangements from the ceiling for your ceremony or reception will make for a grand and impressive display.  Add hanging crystals for a more romantic vibe or attach greenery and florals for larger scale arrangements.

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