Wedding Registry Etiquette for Couples

Wedding planning is known to be a stressful affair, but even more so during these unprecedented times.  Postponing, and downsizing are a few dilemmas that couples are facing.  So what do you do about your registry if you’ve had to consider either one of those options? Let’s take a look at proper etiquette rules when it comes to registries and gifts.

You’ve Postponed Your Wedding – Now What?

Regardless of when your wedding is, guests still want to celebrate you and will most likely gift you something from your registry.  There is a good chance that gifts might trickle in a little slower and closer to your postponed date.  Take the time to revisit your registry and update your wish list based on what gifts you’ve already received and what gifts are left at different price points.

How Do You Let Guests Know that You’ve Downsized Your Guest List

The best way to let guests know that you’ve had to downsize the guest list is in the most personal and feasible way possible.  If you are downsizing significantly and calling every guest isn’t realistic, consider an email letting them know about the difficult decision you’ve had to make.

Are you expected to return a wedding gift if that person is no longer invited to the wedding?  According to wedding etiquette you are not required to return the gift.  You originally wanted the guest at your wedding and now circumstances outside of your control have changed, forcing you to downsize. The guest should not take this as an insult towards them.  If you personally feel that you would like to return the gift you can reach out to the guest and let them know. If they however insist that you keep it, you should graciously accept the gift.

Should You Expect Gifts if You’re Having a Virtual Wedding

Wedding gifts are suppose to be a celebration of the couple and a way of helping the couple start their new life together.  Regardless of how someone attends the wedding, although not a must, it is good etiquette to give a gift.  Guests might stray from the registry list and send something on their own terms.  No matter what gift you receive, make sure you thank each and every guest for their attendance and/or gift.

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