Where to Splurge and Save In Your Home

If only we could splurge on everything we buy for our homes! Well even if you could, you probably don’t need to.  There’s such a huge variety of furniture and décor options available today that are not only stylish and of great quality but come with a reasonable price tag as well.   There are however areas in our home that are certainly worth the higher price tag for a number of reasons.  Let’s explore a few areas in our home and see where it makes sense to spend a little more and where we’re better off saving.

Living Room
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Splurge: Seating

Your sofa and seating in the living room is probably where you and your family spend a significant amount of time together.  Whether you’re watching a movie together, reading a book, entertaining or just relaxing, you want to make sure that your seating options are comfortable and will last you a long time to come.  Your sofa is most likely the focal point for the room, so you want to ensure that it’s stylish as well.  A stylish, comfortable and durable seating option is likely going to require a higher investment.

Save: Coffee and End tables

Your accent tables don’t need to be chunky heavy wood pieces to make a statement. Consider opting for lighter thin framed tables that actually let your sofa be the star.  Regardless of your design style, there are plenty of high quality options for coffee and end tables that serve their purpose without breaking the bank.

Dining Room
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Splurge: Dining Table

Just like your sofa, the dining room table is probably another favorite gathering spot in the house.  It’s also a large enough furniture piece that it makes a big statement when it comes to the style of the room.  Certainly choose something that fits within your style but also consider the composition of the table to determine how durable it is for your family. You are better off investing a little more up-front rather than having to purchase another one few years down the road.

Save: Dining Chairs

When it comes to buying dining room chairs, you really want to consider the abuse they might have to endure.  Will you be having kids do crafts at the table (which might involve paint and glue) while drinking a large glass of red Hawaiian Punch?  In that case upholstered chairs might not be the optimum choice.  Wood and leather chairs are easier to wipe up and care for.

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Splurge: Bed

There’s nothing that can compensate for a good night’s sleep. And that is why it’s so important to have a bed that will provide the support that you need. A bed that is strong and sturdy enough to house a good mattress and one that has a headboard that you can rest against.  Everything that goes along with the bed including the mattress and bedding are things that you should consider splurging on.  After all what’s the point of a resting place that doesn’t give us some peace of mind.

Save: Nightstands

Nowadays nightstands come in all shapes and sizes. But if you are looking for something that is practical, has a drawer or two for storage, and fits within your design style there are plenty of affordable options to choose from.

Home Office
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Splurge: Desk and Chair

Your home office should be a productive as well as a comfortable environment. The amount of time that you will spend at your desk should dictate how much you should spend on your desk and desk chair.  If your desk is place you will work at for a significant amount of time, consider purchasing a chair that is ergonomically correct and will support good posture.  Your desk should be sturdy and large enough to house all of your work essentials within reach.

Save: Storage Solutions

If you need storage options apart from your desk, make sure you purchase something that is large enough for your needs but spending too much towards a filing cabinet or a bookcase might not be necessary.  At the same time you want the pieces to be esthetically pleasing, so try to find a good balance between style and necessity without going over your budget.

Image Source: Serena & Lily
Splurge: Suspended Fixtures

Chandeliers and pendant fixtures are not only a good source of light but can make a grand statement in the room as well. Splurging on these fixtures will add real style to your space and captivate the viewer’s focus.

Save: Table and Floor Lamps

When it comes to table and floor lamps, they are usually not the main focus of any space. Larger pieces of furniture generally garner more attention and thus lamps are not best place to spend your money. However, you should purchase something that is timeless and fits well within the room.

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