5 Wedding Trends that Are Here to Stay

Every once in a while we come across wedding trends that don’t quite make sense to us.  We also come across some trends that we absolutely fall in love with and we can’t quite figure out why it’s taken so long for those trends to take center stage.  We get that everyone has different tastes and styles and that most trends come and go.  But, we’ve also noticed that a few trends get repeated season after season and year after year because everyone seems to love them and can’t get enough of! Check out the list of 5 wedding trends that we see on constant repeat and are here to stay!

1. Non-Floral Décor


Image Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Whether you are looking to do something unique or want to save some money by staying away from fresh blooms, there are plenty of non-floral options for wedding centerpieces and backdrops. Anything from fruits and vegetables to feathers and grasses can be used to create stunning centerpieces and décor props.

2. Unique Escort Card Displays
Image Source: Amorology

We’ve come across countless out-of-the-box escort card ideas that are cute and clever. Everything from fresh coconuts with name tags attached, to hand-made paper cranes will keep your guests smiling!  While keeping with the general theme and feel of the wedding try to get as creative as you can and keep your guests excited for the reception with your displays!

3. Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses
Image Source: One Fab Day

If you’re a bride that wants to break from tradition and stand out, you might opt for a wedding dress that’s not all white. Perhaps something that’s a little more reflective of your personality and personal style.  The great thing about a non-traditional wedding dress is that you can probably wear it again and again if you choose to.  If an unconventional dress has your name written all over, we say – go for it!

4. Unique Registry Gifts
Image Source: Nook+Cove

If you’re a couple who already has all of the bedding and silverware that you can handle. Or if you just don’t think you will use traditional weddings gifts as much, consider opting for a cash fund towards your favorite charity or furniture and décor for your home. At Nook+Cove we offer designer curated looks filled with furniture and décor options for any room in your home. You can convert any gift into a group gift, allowing guests to contribute at their comfort level.  We also offer cash funds for your honeymoon, a down payment fund, a charity fund or for pretty much anything else you can think of!

5. After-parties
Image Source: Bodas Y Weddings

There’s a good chance that at the end of the day you and your guests won’t be finished celebrating with the last dance at the reception. We’ve seen prolonged celebrations, a.k.a. the after-party at many weddings that vary in theme and guest lists as well.  No need to follow traditional wedding etiquette when it comes to planning the after-party. Here’s your chance to don a new outfit and plan for a more casual end to the night.


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