10 Elegant Wedding Centerpiece Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

When it comes to wedding centerpieces, the options appear to be endless.  Whether you prefer something simple and modest or large and luxurious, you want the centerpiece to fit the mood of the entire space and feel cohesive with the other décor.  We’ve discovered that in order to achieve that sophisticated look, you don’t have to spend a lot!

1. Taper Candles
Image Source: Etsy

You can’t seem to go wrong with tapered candles.  They create a sense of romance and elegance that certainly create a mood.  Since they are available in a variety of colors, choose ones that fit with the other décor or mood that you are trying to create.  Housing them in mismatched holders or ones that vary in height creates interest as well.

2. Bud Vases
Image Source: Style Me Pretty

Mix and match different sizes and shapes of bud vases and fill them with your favorite florals and ferns to create simple but elegant centerpieces.  You can opt to for a variety of colorful blooms or stick with one particular bloom in a single color.

3. Runner
Image Source: Ling’s Moment

A simple runner across the table will elevate any tablespace design immediately.  Table runners alone create a sense of formality and elegance. When coupled with additional décor elements, you can achieve a more polished presentation for your table.

4. Big Blooms
Image Source: Rosemary & Finch

Large floral blooms of all kinds make a statement all on their own.  Not much else is needed in order to make a lasting impression. Consider a small bud vase for the arrangement so that the bloom can take center stage.

5. Picture Perfect
Image Source: Captivating Weddings

If you want to create a centerpiece that’s all about you, then incorporating pictures is the way to go.  A variety of pictures in black and white will certainly make a statement.  They not only create interest but also give your guests a peek into your relationship.

6. Fresh Fruit
Image Source: My Wedding

Fruit as centerpieces are unique and can be incorporated into pretty much any wedding theme. They also create a lot texture, depth and add color to your table. You can choose to go with variety of different fruit for heightened visual interest or go with one particular fruit for a more simplistic design.

7. Floating Candles
Image Source: Dr. Delphinium

When it comes to a floating candles centerpiece, the type of display you create can vary greatly.  A simple display would house just the candles and water in a vase.  You can create a more dramatic display by submerging flowers, greenery, branches, fruit or pretty anything else you can think of!

8. Wildflowers
Image Source: Girls of Honour

If you are planning a summer wedding or having a rustic theme, wildflowers are a great option for centerpieces.  You can arrange them in larger vases or use bud vases to create an organic grouping. Either way, they will brighten your tables and create a sense of whimsy!

9. Greenery
Image Source: Etsy

A thick lush green garland or greenery incorporated sparsely with florals and candles creates an elegant centerpiece.   Combining a variety of greenery creates a beautiful mixture of shades of green with texture and depth.  You might also consider incorporating some greenery that carries a pleasant scent, however you should ensure that it isn’t too overpowering.

10. Mismatched Vases
Image Source: The Knot

Vases that range in height, color, and style, when grouped together can create great visual interest as a centerpiece.  Arranging different types of flowers in each vase creates a playful and colorful display.  You might also choose to use one type of floral bloom or greenery in all of the vases to create a sense of uniformity.  You can also add a ribbon on each vase to achieve uniformity.

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