Wedding Invitation Etiquette and Tips

When it comes to getting wedding invites sent out, there’s a lot of thoughtful planning and organizing that has to take place first. Here are a few simple tips to make sure you are following invite etiquette without overlooking any important details.

Make sure you send out invites at least 8 weeks in advance.

This gives your guests enough time to respond and make travel and accommodation plans. If you’re having a destination wedding, make sure you send them out 12 weeks in advance.

Include an RSVP date of 3-4 weeks before the big day.
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Three to four weeks gives you enough time to make seating assignments as well as follow up with guests who have not yet responded. It also gives you enough time to get a more accurate head count before the catering deadline.

Provide RSVP instructions.

If you would like your guests to mail back an RSVP card, make sure the envelope is pre-addressed and includes a stamp.  You can also direct guests to reply via phone, email, or your wedding website.

Specify the date, time and location.
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If you intend to have multiple events leading up to the wedding or after the wedding, proper etiquette is to include an insert card for each event. The date, time, location and any other important details should be clearly listed on the card(s).

Be specific about who is invited.

Clearly stating the invitee’s names on the envelope itself, is the key to avoiding any blunders here. If kids are invited be sure to include their names or address the card to “The Johnson Family”.  If you’re including a plus one you can include “and Guest” on the envelope as well.

Include a link to your website or an information insert.
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Putting your registry information directly on the card is an etiquette no-no.  Instead, you can include your wedding website on the card or as an insert.  Be sure that access to your registry is clearly listed on the website.

Purchase more invites than you need.

It is always a good idea to have some extras in case you decide to expand your guest list once you know others won’t be able to attend. Don’t forget to hang on to a couple extra for keepsake measures as well!

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