How to Throw A Fabulous and Safe Wedding During the Pandemic

When it comes to planning a wedding during these unprecedented times, many couples have had to rethink so many aspects of their wedding. Although many weddings have been postponed this past year, slowly more and more couples are becoming comfortable with the idea of a COVID wedding.  While state restrictions and mandates are changing constantly, the need to socially distance and other certain safety protocols seem to be constant.  Taking these measures into consideration we’ve come up with a few ideas to plan an amazing yet safe wedding.

Intimate Weddings

In order to prioritize the health and well-being of loved ones, the size of the gathering must be taken into consideration. How to go about downsizing the guest list depends on several personal factors and will certainly vary from person to person. However, make sure you consider the size of the venue and the number of people that can be accommodated while socially distancing.  Any state restrictions regarding gathering size must also be heeded.  Don’t get discouraged by a smaller guest list. Intimate weddings tend to be more personal and poignant and are bound to be full of precious memories.

Backyard/At Home Weddings
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With restrictions constantly changing, the idea of having to commit to a paid venue might be daunting.  The simple solution to that is to have the wedding in your own home or you may be lucky enough to have a friend or family member offer their home as the venue.  There are countless ways to transform a backyard into a beautiful wedding backdrop!

Assigned Seating

Having assigned seating for all guests during the ceremony is a great way to ensure social distancing between members of different households.  Although this will create a little extra work for you, here’s your opportunity to get creative with the layout!

Small Table Seating
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Utilizing smaller tables over the traditionally used larges ones makes more sense and makes it easier to abide to COVID safety restrictions.  Think smaller tables of 4 to 6 rather than 10 or more.  Spacing out tables with extra room for guests to move about is also something to consider.

Formal Dinner Services

Navigating buffet lines with all of the food safety restrictions in place is nearly impossible. With smaller guest counts, implementing plated meals will certainly elevate the dining experience and create a more elegant atmosphere.

Varied Entertainment
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While an open dance floor might be out of the question right now, this might be the perfect time to consider other entertainment options for your guests.  We’ve been seeing more trends of live performances such as choreographed dances and live bands.  Brainstorming entertainment options with family and friends might even uncover some hidden talents amongst them!

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