How to Style a Shared Kids Bedroom

Sharing a bedroom with a sibling may or may not be a necessity but it surely sets the stage for amazing memories and stories to be cherished for years to come! But how does it all come together if the kids are different genders or have an age gap?  The idea of successfully pulling together a shared room might sound daunting, but it’s quite attainable by following a few key steps.

Mirror-Image Matching
Image Source: Oh Eight Oh Nine

So let’s start off with the easy one. For siblings who are the same gender and somewhat close in age, identical matching spaces would certainly do the trick.  As long as you keep the furniture, bedding and any other larger pieces identical, you will be able to achieve a uniform styled look.  With the larger eye catching pieces being uniform you can get away with a variation in accessories.

Gender Neutral Basics
Image Source: Architectural Digest

For siblings who are not only different genders, but have opposing styles, the key to styling the perfect space for them lies in the realm of neutrality.  Don’t worry, nothing complex here, we’re only talking about a gender neutral color scheme for paint options, furniture and overall décor.  For example, a floral wallpaper pattern might not be the best choice for the focal wall, but a geometric patterned wallpaper is probably neutral enough to please both parties.  Remember, neutral basics doesn’t mean a void in pops of color or personality!

Privacy Perhaps
Image Source: Painted Green With Envy

Privacy is an important factor to consider when decorating a shared bedroom. It might not be as important to the younger kids, but for those who want a sense of privacy, there are a few ways to achieve this.  You might consider curtains around the bed, large bookshelves or other large furniture pieces to divide the room into two.

Personal Touches
Image Source: HGTV

Sharing a bedroom doesn’t mean having to share identities.  Kids should be free to express their personal tastes and choices through art, toys, pictures, and personal mementos. If space allows, incorporating a bookshelf for each kid to display all of their favorite things is something they will enjoy and take pride in.

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