5 Registry Myths You Need to Know

Registering for gifts is a concept that’s been around for years.  Although gift registries are as popular as ever, what couples are registering for these days has changed with the times.  Couples’ lifestyles and the tools that are available to us has changed the registry game completely.  Registry etiquette has had a complete overhaul and new rules have been written.  Let’s talk about some of the most popular registry myths and how to play the registry game today!

1. You Should Only Register at One Place

If you are planning on registering at a retailer that doesn’t have an online registry, it most likely will be inconvenient for out-of-town guests.  In that case you want to make sure you have at least one online registry option available.  If you are looking to register for a variety of gifts, one registry might not have everything you want.  If that means having multiple registries to fulfill everything on your wish list, then so be it.  You do however want to be careful about not registering at too many places. This might overwhelm guests, as well as you, when it comes to keeping track of gifts.  Make sure that you clearly list all of your registries on your wedding website and provide proper access to each.

2. You Have to Register for Traditional Gifts


If your interests and needs lie outside of the home, then kitchen gadgets and monogrammed towels might not be for you.  Or maybe you already have everything you need when it comes fine china and entertaining essentials.  Rather than registering for the “traditional stuff” because that’s what’s expected of you, take some time to think about what you really need and want.  Is it a pair of mountain bikes?  A new desk for your home office?  Or maybe airfare to your next adventure is what you really want! Whatever it is that you desire, align your registry with your lifestyle and register for things that you will love and be excited about receiving!

3. It’s Rude to Register for Expensive Items

Nope, not at all!  There are many ways to register for big-ticket items while being considerate of your guests.  First you want to make sure that your registry allows you to convert higher priced gifts into group gifts.  This allows for multiple guests to come together to pool their contributions towards that gift, without having to spend more than they have budgeted for.  When you register with Nook+Cove you can convert any gift into a group gift with a simple click of a button. Since the Nook+Cove registry offers a variety of furniture options, the group gifting feature makes it easy for couples to ask for their favorite pieces guilt free!

4. Don’t Ask for Cash, it’s Tacky
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There’s a good chance that your wedding guests have already been to plenty of weddings where they’ve gifted cold hard cash to the couple because that’s what was requested.  Asking for money in lieu of physical gifts is not a new concept but there is a right and wrong way to go about it.  Including the phrase, ‘We’ll take cash’ on your invitation might not sit well with your guests. When requesting money, make sure you let your guests know exactly what you’ll be using it for.  For example, you can use the cash fund tool on Nook+Cove and create a home renovation fund and let your guests know that you plan on remodeling a spare room for guests and that you’ll be redoing the floors, painting and getting new furniture for the space.  This will help guests understand what their gift will be used towards and they will be inclined to give more as well!

5. You Can’t Return or Exchange Any Gifts

Sure you can! Maybe you changed your mind about the gift or found something else you liked.  What would be the point of holding onto something that you no longer want?  Ultimately, guests want to give you a gift that you want and that you will enjoy.  If that means returning or exchanging one gift for another that you will use more and enjoy more, then by all means, do it. Make sure you know and understand the registry’s return and exchange policy before creating your registry.

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