5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Hallway

Every now and then the need to liven up a space and give it a fresh new look arises.  One of the spaces that many people tend to overlook is the hallway. It’s not really a room of its own; it’s more or less a passageway that you’ve walked through countless times without probably giving it much thought.

We’ve come up with 5 different ways that you can bring your hallway to the next level. Whether you implement one idea or all of them, you are bound to get people noticing!

1. Lay a Runner
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In any space laying a rug helps identify the space. The same concept applies for runners in hallways as well. Make sure that runner is the right size for the hallway and that it’s not too small or that it doesn’t extend from wall to wall. You want to make sure your beautiful floors are still peeking through from all sides.

2. Hang Mirrors or Art on the Wall
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Most hallways are small spaces and are in the interiors of the home and don’t have much natural light flowing through them.  Mirrors help capture any light in the space and make it seem bigger and brighter.  Considering the number of times you pass through the hallway, having a mirror in the space can be quite useful!

Adorning your hallway walls with art is a great use of wall space as well. If your hallway is brightly lit, placing a large statement art piece can capture the passerby’s eye and set the tone for the space. Gallery walls of family portraits or a collection of your favorite artwork is also a great use of wall space and adds interest to the hallway.

3. Fun Light Fixture
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An overhead fixture or wall sconces are great details for hallways. Pick fixtures that go with the aesthetic of the rest of your home so that the hallway décor flows naturally with other spaces.  You also want to make sure that the fixture houses the right kind of bulb(s), so that the space is not too dim or too bright.  Yes, there is such a thing as too bright!

4. Convenient Storage
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If your hallway is large enough, a credenza or a large console table could be a great addition to the space.  Extra storage space for linens is always a plus. Console tables are also a great place to display sculptures, photo frames, floral arrangements or pretty much anything at all!

5. Incorporate Seating
Image Source: Elle Décor

If space allows for it then seating in a hallway can be a great place to read a book or just relax.  Seating doesn’t necessarily mean a chair; an upholstered stool or a bench could do the trick.  If you are working with a larger space, with a couple of chairs or with one chair and an ottoman you could create a cozy reading nook.

Play around with some of the ideas above and determine what is the right fit for your space and style.  Whatever you decide to do, have fun decorating!

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